Monday, February 28, 2011

Notes left un-opened till the last day :'( -copied from Shona.

A girl walked into the CD store, browsed around to search for some latest hit songs. as she picked up a CD, she saw a figure walking towards her, as she looked , it was a guy, he was quite tall,not to thin,fair,had great hair and one thing that the girl noticed was his charming brown eyes with a touch of a golden sparkle. Her heart was pounding and she was speechless. She smiled, but the guy didn't notice her since he was to busy arranging the CD's on the rack. Every time the guy turned, she would keep turning just to catch a glance of his face.
When she went home, she wrote in her diary " 28/2/2011, I met this guy at the CD store and so on........................." Everyday after school, she would either go to the CD store or just pass by just to see his face. Every single time she visited the store, she would simply pick up a CD and buy it just so she could see his face and hoping one day he would say a word or two to her. And, everyday she saw him,she would write it in her diary.
This particular day, she went to the CD store, but surprisingly he wasn't there, but in her thoughts, he might have gone for a break. But, as months passed by and each time she went to the CD store he still wasn't there. So, she got up to her nerves and asked the owner of the store . Tears start to pour from her eyes, she ran home and went up to her room, she trashed all her CD's and her diary on the floor. But when one of her CD case opened, there was a note in it . The first note said "28/2/2011, when I first saw you, I actually noticed you looking at me but i'm too shy to look back at you." She opened the next CD, and in it was another note "4/3/2011, your smile is the most beautiful thing that I ever saw." She continued to open all the CD's till the last one, where she cried as it was written there "4/5/2011 Have you not read all my notes? My last note asked if you would go on a date with me. But you never said a word. Maybe this will be the last note, you will know why."
She fell to her knees , and said "All this time you left some clues but I was to dumb to find out what it was. Now that you're gone, theres no way I could turn back time." The guy left notes in the CD case that the girl bought, but she never opened it because she only randomly bought the CD. In all the CD was notes that the boy left. She only found the notes after he was dead.
Love is a mystery , waiting to be solved but when it will end or begin, only God knows .

p/s : omgee im gonna cry D';

sperms story. HAHAHA

I was in a strange place with millions and millions of others who looked just like me

Sunday, February 27, 2011

oh yeah IM BORED =.=

oh yeah, this is what i did just now. i was bored coz im waiting for Playful Kiss to buffer at youtube. sooo long mann -.- see my stupid-boredom face -.-

When i dont get what people said im like..

 when the person i dont really like infront of me im like...

when i saw a cute guy im like this and waiting for him to smile back...

 When the guy didnt recognise me im like... 'urghhhh nevermind'

 when i smile at people with full excitement im like...

 when i saw a cute guy leave his cute girlfriend in movie im like... 'whyyy?'

 when im trying to follow japanese girl snapping style im like...

 when im in the bathroom, brushing my teeth im like...

 when i dream kissing with  cute guy im like...

 when im sticking my tounge out im like...

when im doing the piggy nose im like...

when i saw something romantic and excited im like...

when im infront of a camera im like...

when im talking and making weird face im like...

when im playing with my eyeballs im like...

when im blur im like...

when sometimes im feeling cute im like...

when im scared watching movies im like...

when im pretending to be shock but actualy im not im like...

well, these are some of my face reaction which is kinda stupid -.- ahaha. but, im FLEXIBLE coz IM AWESOME. hahaha ;p

Saturday, February 26, 2011


im holding VALENCIA ORANGE. 

see the picture and yeah im holding a can drinks. i got it from lion Chin Chee Thau during leo meeting last night. it was the drink that we drank during last Leo Camp. it was nice. i love the drink. it is a sparkling juice drink. 50% real-juice ya'knw. woohoo. when i drink this, i remembered when we were in Leo Camp which is last leo camp held in Kiansom Retreat Centre. ngawhh~ i miss that momment when we were having fun there :( i wanna go to the camp again. its fun okay. when woke up in the morning and it was sooo cold. me and other stellarians woke up at 5am at the 2nd day and 4am at the last day. seriously, i miss all my leo friends that time. hope to see you guys soon during fellowship night :)

new header AGAIN :D

since you guys notice that i changed another header. hehe. i change it from this header
to this new header :D

jyeah man.

Cutting off hair in ancient Asia (Japan, china, Korea & possibly some other Asian cultures) symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home. In the more modern age that is now, cutting long hair into a short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew

i just can't do it

no matter how i feel about you, i can't deny it. deny-ing it only makes me feel worst. now im looking at your pictures and hoping for a miracle to happen between us two. but, i will always waiting for you no matter what. eventhough i was the only 1 who gonna feel the pain when you were with somebody else. i might be wrong when you were asking for me long time ago. but to me, never giving up coz giving up will cause tonnes of regrets. but since u were free now, why you're soo silent? i cant even get to know you more. i miss every single day we've been chatting. so, im hoping for you to see me in the future. seems like yesterday was a memory and tomorrow is a mystery. theres always a tomorrow and i will wait :)

p/s : im hoping that the above picture will be our hands :) <3

ergghhh annoying sungguh lh you =.=

okay, bahasa I sangat gedik sedikit yer pada malam ni oleh sebab migrain yang sedang melanda di kepala I ne. sangat sakit okay kepala I. haha. oh okay, cerita I bermula disini yerr >>

eh girl, you ni sangat annoying kan? maciam semua orang d dunia ni you nak ampu erk? syiok sangat ka mengampu orang ni? kalau ya pun mau mengampu orang, jangan lh trus mau cari pasal dengan orang yg you pernah ampu kay? you memang sangat terkenal kay? mutual friends I ngn you pun hampir 400+. you terkenal dengan style ampu you tu. ingat I tdak tau gaya you yang kuat mengampu tu? hmpp, you pun pernah ampu I okay girl. lepas tu, you pula yg perasan smpai ke hujung dunia apasal? you ingat muka you tu banyakkkkk cantek? oh puhhh-leseeee lh girl. i tak terhingin pun mau tgok muka you yang sangat menyialkan apabila terpandang okay. sekarang, you mencari masalah pula dengan orang lain yerr.. nasihat I kepada you, budak, jgnlh pndai2 cri psal dengan orang lain kay, kau tu masih mentah. mau juga bergaduh mcam budak-budak. 

p/s : nasihat cik prain eva kat sini, janganlah perasan apabila orang terpandang anda kerana, mnalh tau orang yang dipandang tu orang yang berada di belakang anda, so, jangan lah mau perasan yerr.. lagi satu, jangan lah mau bergaduh2 ne. mcm budak2 okay. PEACE :)


Friday, February 25, 2011

science form 3 chapter 4 :O

okay, this is the chapter that we will learn about reproduction. NO, im not gonna post about chapter 4. haha. what im gonna say is, starting this week, my science teacher already start to talk & teach about this chapter. when teacher said that we're going to start this chapter, the students were like "YAYYY" & "WOOOOO" & "WOHOOO" & "YESS YESS YESS". me and am were looking each other with smile. its not because we're in the chapter but because of the other students reaction. teacher zainah was a sporting woman and open minded. she also said "woah, this chapter is interesting. isnt it?" with smile on her face. haha. she also okay if we were talking about girl's problems. but, honestly, teacher zainah is the best :)

its just a miracle

hye, what im gonna say is, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! i can't believe that i achieved something that i thought impossible for me to achieve which is, I GOT 100% on my maths test paper. omge i just can say nothing else than OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT. i showed my mom and dad and i can see they were smiling while looking at my paper. im so happy that i could make my parents smile because of my unbelieveble achievement. but i think this marks will be the last 100&% full marks i will have. since, its hard to fight against other students in my class. oh i almost forget, i got 65% for my BM? pffftt! how can i be so dumb in my own homeland national language? but thank god it was only monthly test. my history also fVcked up :/ but even though it was only monthly test, i still feeling upset. because, it was monthly test and monthly tests suppose to be sooo easy and i cant believe it i can get SO-low marks on easy paper. -.- but, theres always a next time. i made decision that i want to buy all the last PMR questions and try to do more exercises to increase my marks.

so, this coming april, miss theresa soon said, there will be another test. arghhhhhhhhh!!

memoriess :)

its me, emy and mai. they are tasha's lil sistas. i consider them just like my own sister. even though they're naughty, bt they adorable. ngawhh~ haha. i dont even remember when this pictures were taken. haha. besides that, i miss my old straight hair D:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

perdana park with babes :)


someone's baby i've found :)

im making fun of myself ;p

Snap Snap Snap :)

it was last monday (21st February 2011). annette, shona, reyn, dara & me were having photoshoot at Perdana Park for Shona & Reyn's moral project. so we were having fun there snapping some pictures. even though it was raining and we still had fun in the rain. but during the photoshoot, i had problems with the dresses since most of the dresses i cant fit D: bt what can i do? i just wore it and tadaaa the results was perfect :D so, these are some of the pictures and i edited it. :)

model : shona, angie, me & annette :)
photographer : darayani & reyneilda :)