Saturday, February 26, 2011

i just can't do it

no matter how i feel about you, i can't deny it. deny-ing it only makes me feel worst. now im looking at your pictures and hoping for a miracle to happen between us two. but, i will always waiting for you no matter what. eventhough i was the only 1 who gonna feel the pain when you were with somebody else. i might be wrong when you were asking for me long time ago. but to me, never giving up coz giving up will cause tonnes of regrets. but since u were free now, why you're soo silent? i cant even get to know you more. i miss every single day we've been chatting. so, im hoping for you to see me in the future. seems like yesterday was a memory and tomorrow is a mystery. theres always a tomorrow and i will wait :)

p/s : im hoping that the above picture will be our hands :) <3

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