Monday, February 28, 2011

Notes left un-opened till the last day :'( -copied from Shona.

A girl walked into the CD store, browsed around to search for some latest hit songs. as she picked up a CD, she saw a figure walking towards her, as she looked , it was a guy, he was quite tall,not to thin,fair,had great hair and one thing that the girl noticed was his charming brown eyes with a touch of a golden sparkle. Her heart was pounding and she was speechless. She smiled, but the guy didn't notice her since he was to busy arranging the CD's on the rack. Every time the guy turned, she would keep turning just to catch a glance of his face.
When she went home, she wrote in her diary " 28/2/2011, I met this guy at the CD store and so on........................." Everyday after school, she would either go to the CD store or just pass by just to see his face. Every single time she visited the store, she would simply pick up a CD and buy it just so she could see his face and hoping one day he would say a word or two to her. And, everyday she saw him,she would write it in her diary.
This particular day, she went to the CD store, but surprisingly he wasn't there, but in her thoughts, he might have gone for a break. But, as months passed by and each time she went to the CD store he still wasn't there. So, she got up to her nerves and asked the owner of the store . Tears start to pour from her eyes, she ran home and went up to her room, she trashed all her CD's and her diary on the floor. But when one of her CD case opened, there was a note in it . The first note said "28/2/2011, when I first saw you, I actually noticed you looking at me but i'm too shy to look back at you." She opened the next CD, and in it was another note "4/3/2011, your smile is the most beautiful thing that I ever saw." She continued to open all the CD's till the last one, where she cried as it was written there "4/5/2011 Have you not read all my notes? My last note asked if you would go on a date with me. But you never said a word. Maybe this will be the last note, you will know why."
She fell to her knees , and said "All this time you left some clues but I was to dumb to find out what it was. Now that you're gone, theres no way I could turn back time." The guy left notes in the CD case that the girl bought, but she never opened it because she only randomly bought the CD. In all the CD was notes that the boy left. She only found the notes after he was dead.
Love is a mystery , waiting to be solved but when it will end or begin, only God knows .

p/s : omgee im gonna cry D';

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