Sunday, March 27, 2011

free by anneliese & erica :)

All my life I've always wanted
To have one day just for me
Nothing to do and for once nowhere I need to be
With no lessons, lords, or lunches
Or to-do list in the way
No one to say when to eat or read or leave or stay
That would be the day

All my life I've always wanted
To have one day for myself
Not waking up with a pile of work on every shelf
With no hems in need of pressing
And no sleeves in disarray
No wedding gown with a thousand stitches to crochet
And no debt to pay

What would it be like to be

Free to try crazy things
Free from endless IOU's
Free to fly
Free to sing
And marry whom I choose

You would think that I'm so lucky
That I have so many things
I'm realizing that every present comes with strings

Though I know I have so little
My determination's strong
People will gather around the world to hear my song

Can I come along?

Now I fear I'll never be
Soon I will forever be

I close my eyes and feel myself fly a thousand miles away
I could take flight but would it be right
My conscience tells me stay

I'll remain forever royal
I'll repay my parent's debt
Duty means doing the things your heart may well regret

But I'll never stop believing
She can never stop my schemes
There's more to living than gloves and gowns and threads and seams
In my dreams
I'll be free

Leo's Fellowship night :)

on 19th March, the lions club of kk host & 7 leo clubs had a party called Leo's Fellowship night. the party was for all the ex-leos and leos. it was AWESHUME. we had dinner, some performance, fashion show. it was a great night EVER! haha. the performance was cool. but too bad, i didnt get the chance to see The Cumfreq performance from La Salle. :( bt nevermind. the fashion show was DOPE. credits to bridget from all saints. she done a great job :) when they do the fashion show, all the stellarians were shouting and singing like crazayy.. haha. its fun ya'knw. sooo, the last thing we do is, OPEN DANCE FLOOR BABY!! \m/ we dance like crazay with DJ SYAFIQ spin us songs and the dance floor was full of humans. haha, and oh, my feet was hurted because i dance with 5 inch heels :OO

p/s : i only get the chance to capture 2 photos. the others was with nia :)

 from left : annette, me, jillian, elena, crystal and myra :)
madu <3

photography :)

p/s : i was just playing with ma camera and it came with FUN. haha. i knw its bad :3 and all the pictures are lame. hahaha ;p

kuma-kuma :)
my havent-was shoes :)
bowtie :)
flower clip :)
hair clip :)
my watch :)
 flower :)
 necklace by mum, leather bracelet by jillian :)
 necklace given by mum <3
  plant :)
 purple flower :)
 bird's nest :)
 a plant :)
 the plant & an old tyre :)
 purple flower :)
 purple plant :)
 green plant :)
 the leaves :)
 flower :)
flower :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nobody's perfect bhaaa

okay, today's entry which is the only entry for today or maybe for this week. i know im not so good at english and i admit it. well, i got read someone's article (not my followers) and im not gonna follow her EVER!. so, she was criticising (idc how to spell) other people but she didnt think that she was criticising herself. like example, she said that the model she saw was FAT and HAVE A BIG ARM. but, she was just the same as the model. she even said, HOW COULD THEY CHOOSE HER YANG SO FAT AND HAVE A BIG ARM. i was like what? are you talking about yourself? and when people being honest with her and told her that she is fat, SHE MAD (through her chatbox). she couldnt accept the fact that she just the same as the model she talked about. she talked bad things about people but she didnt realize that she was talking about herself too. thats just so dumb. i dont know why she did that. nobody's perfect okay? its god's creation and you have to accept what has god give ya'. dont think that you perfect enough so that you can bad talk about other people because you're not so perfect. mirror yourself first girl.

p/s : okay now im feelin like this year, i've been a bad girl. i could feel that this year, i've changed. idk if my friends realize that but, i've been so bad this year. its like not myself anymore. woah, beware! muahaha. seriously, im not proud with myself with my new attitude. :(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my un-open blog for these past few dayss..

woah, im sorry because i couldnt update my blog for these few days. and i PROMISE i will update my blog asap with all the things that happened in my daily life and newest thing happened in my life :))

with love, 
farahain eva xoxo <3

Monday, March 14, 2011

currently at saloon :DDD

yeah, thats me and i look dumb -.- 

heyyah, today's entry is, i woke up at 7+ am. and now im feeling like livin hell. i meant, PANDA EYES! gah, nevermind. actly, i sppose tu stay at home till 12.30pm and go to school. bt then, shona text me and ask me to go at so, i have to follow my mum to saloon and wait for my dad to pick me up there. actly i dun want to follow her coz i wan to SLEEP! bt then, i thought that, it wld be nice to follow my mum and i wanna STEAM my hair! jyeah man. now, im doin my hair a treatment :D 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

peoples change :)

new year, new changes, new chapter of life. you've change a lot. i know you do. its like being invisible when you were here. its like you've been using me and when you found the new one, you think that i cant be used anymore.

2 days 1 night at tambunan :)

oh well, last saturday went to tambunan.. i gt some pictures wit me and gonna upload it later.. so, 1st, we stopped at keningau 1st and i went to this 1 shop. DANGG! sooo manyy cute dresses and tops awww~ i didnt get the chance to buy it D: then, went to tambunan and the engagement thingy ended with happiness. well NOT! coz i got migrain in the middle of the thing. gah! so went to my dad's motel which is dtk lawrence gimbang's motel and stayed there for 1 night. the place was sooo damn cold. then, the next day, i woke up at 7am and its still cold mann.. so took bath early and straightly went to have breakfast. during wait for my big bro to pick me & my parents up, i tooks some pictures there. went back and arrived at home at 7pm. :))

ohhh pfttttt~ i cnt upload photos coz its sucks right now :/
before leave the house and meet my daddy :)

my breakfast before goin to tambunan. 

see the view i took on my way to tambunan. nice ritee?

sooo many high hills :O

meet my mummy :)

place : dtk lawrence gimbang's motel :)

mumstar with dady :)

oh yeah while waiting big bro :D

the newborn horse and its mum :D

waited for my big bro from 9am-5.30pm -.-

otw back home :) almost nite tyme :)

p/s : finally i can upload my pictures :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

i owned you.. oh yeahhh

thanks mom for giving me this. i promise that i will do my best to make u and dad proud :) oh well, even it was kinda complicated using this, but, i'll keep trying :D i love it mommmmm <33333

dang, so hurt mannnn D:

see what happen to my MIDDLE FINGER? why must be middle finger? -.- guess why did this happen? its all b'coz of BOLA BALING/HANDBALL. dang.. i can feel the pain which is sooo painful  man D: i dont know how long will it be like this -.- im hoping for a miracle *crossfingers

ohh yeah, im just a girl who love high heels so much