Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 days 1 night at tambunan :)

oh well, last saturday went to tambunan.. i gt some pictures wit me and gonna upload it later.. so, 1st, we stopped at keningau 1st and i went to this 1 shop. DANGG! sooo manyy cute dresses and tops awww~ i didnt get the chance to buy it D: then, went to tambunan and the engagement thingy ended with happiness. well NOT! coz i got migrain in the middle of the thing. gah! so went to my dad's motel which is dtk lawrence gimbang's motel and stayed there for 1 night. the place was sooo damn cold. then, the next day, i woke up at 7am and its still cold mann.. so took bath early and straightly went to have breakfast. during wait for my big bro to pick me & my parents up, i tooks some pictures there. went back and arrived at home at 7pm. :))

ohhh pfttttt~ i cnt upload photos coz its sucks right now :/
before leave the house and meet my daddy :)

my breakfast before goin to tambunan. 

see the view i took on my way to tambunan. nice ritee?

sooo many high hills :O

meet my mummy :)

place : dtk lawrence gimbang's motel :)

mumstar with dady :)

oh yeah while waiting big bro :D

the newborn horse and its mum :D

waited for my big bro from 9am-5.30pm -.-

otw back home :) almost nite tyme :)

p/s : finally i can upload my pictures :)

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