Monday, December 5, 2011

yeeheeee :D

guess what? i found Breaking Dawn movie with the uncut scene and now im downloading it. this could be heaven mannn. its not about the 18sx scene or what, its about i can watch the full movie and since imma twilighters, i always kept all the books and movies. thanks to zaza's friend name nicky for the info about the movie. and what a coincidence, she using the same software that i use to download all songs and movies which is Ares :D so, here's the prove :D

please hire me :D

today went to suria, AGAIN. i dont know how many times already i went there just to find part-time job. so, today i feel kinda relieve cuhs i went to Secret Recipe to apply part-time job as waitress here with a little help of Shera cuhs she's working there. so, i filled in the form and gave all the things they need like a copy of ic and a picture. so the manager told me to wait for the phone call and then go to interview. if im accepted, then i can start working :D hope i can get it ;D

Friday, December 2, 2011

fanmade breaking dawn part 2 poster.

this is epic but GOOD. maybe it will be more amazing than this or it will kinda look like this :D

Nia Ellya Jozef

see that girl? her name is Nia Ellya. we've been friends since primary 2. so its been 9 years. i love her as my bestfriend. i know her well, her family, their background. same goes to her. we did lot of great things together. no matter if we're in pain or happy, we will always on each other side. eventhough we fight but we still care for each other. these are some of our memories together :)
at the age of 8 :D
at the age of 10. it was nia's 10th birthday :)

ngawhh tengok style edit time kecil2 dulu. haha

this was during 2009. hari raya aidilfitri :D
2010 :D school days.

2010, school days :D

2010 hari raya aidilfitri at my house :D

with nia's sister, uly and her lil cousin name nisha :D


sisters :D

on her big bro's wedding name ron edson :D

at school during school-cleaning campaign :D

2011 hari raya aidilfitri :D

from watching movies :D

when we're bored :D

 yeahhh. thats us (y)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

TGIF baby :D

Thank God Its Friday! happy friday everyone :) so what we're gonna do today? neh im just staying at friend's crib and updating blog. hihi. but, i think some of you should go out. have some funs, make some friends and let the stress out (y). i wanna go to parties but i dont know where. haha. since i cant go to parties, we can always bring the partay home :D so, 
let it start and dont stop the party homie \m/

i love you, mother

the only woman that you would die for, a mother. they would sacrifice everything for you including theirselves. how could you imagine their love for you. all the things you did sometimes made them happy, angry or sad. they let you do everything just to keep your heart is full of satisfaction eventhough its hurting them. but the time will come, where you cant turn it back when its all gone. so, do what you can to make them happy for the last time before its to late and make it the most beautiful gift that she ever had from you :)

dont fall for someone easily, or else you'll get hurt.

guys who kissed on your forehead and tell you not to be afraid and always be by yourside is such a good way to be with. 

the last month of the year, welcome back!

oh i forgot to wish, welcome back DISEMBER :D its the last month of every year. damn, time flies so fast dont you think? it feels like yesterday was 1/1/11 and now its Disember. so people, have a very unforgetable last  momment for your 2011 within this month because you wont meet 2011 again :D so, waddup Disember? i still remember my past Disember memories. do you? oh well, have a great Disember peeps ;)

p/s : Disember, please be nice to the people and readers that I love. they meant a lot to me. 

i need kachings, i need job.

i am sooooo broke. i need money man. but first, im gonna need to find job first. but why is it sooo hard to find job? my dear parents, i've sufferred of what you suffered. all of my friend and myself have been searching for jobs all over KK. not really all over. haha. just from CP > Suria > 1B. i guess all the kids of the same age as mine had prepared before getting their jobs during school holidays. dayyuummm. next year, imma be the first 1 who send the job form. haha. so, for those who got the job, I NEED TIPS how to get job! seems like some people always said no to MUH face. -.-'  like seriously people, i need money like serious shit!

well, the picture said everything. oh well, not really :p im broke so im just gonna put a little hardwork on looking for jobs.

what happened to signs like these? jobs are hard to find these days. why no stores put signs like this? it will be more easier. oh i wish. 

i love you, till your heart stops beating

true love will never ends. 

17/11/11 > GC was in Sabah :D

as you guys know, ITS GREYSON CHANCE!! i was amayzed by his voice. he really had a guu-reatt voice. he's only fourteen and he got the amazing voice, cute face and the whole package. so, i went to the concert. it was a tiring night when standing in the crowd, people pushing everywhere, even there are some missing people in the crowd. seriously they need to find some bigger place to do a concert or a showcase like that. the place was so small. even i cant stand with the crowd people. i cant even breathe, imagine that. it was a little heartbreaking when annette wanted to go away from the concert cause she cant stand it, but its okay. so we went to find zaza and stay with her and some of the pra's. but then nia brought me to see GC in the middle of the concert and i can still see him singing at the stage. i can hear his voice so i was satisfied with that :) at least i really had good time with the love one :D 

i was with them the whole day :D

i cant get it from my head, DARN IT!

that picture describe what's in my head

pmr result is in 15 days :OO

yeah.. i am in that shock. cant believe time flies so fast. its like i just took PMR exam yesterday and in 15 more days the result is out.  i prayed a lot so that i could get the best result and i could make my parents proud.

when i get straight A's, i'll be like 

when i get great result, i'll be like, 

when i get bad result, in my head i'd be like


but in real life, i'd be just like

lowong first day out :D

on our way to go home with zaza, annette, nia and wan :D

having tutti-fruiti with feirah, wan, zaza, annette and nia :D

danial, wan and zaza were talking and wan nak jadi minah2 sikit :p

annette having frozen yogurt :3

wan with nia. ehem, they just friend :D

hey, its us and we rock :p

nia with zaza, having donut :D

aint they look cuteee thang?? :D

on our way to go suria :D

yeahh i love to make that stupid face :D

hey im with zaza :D

nia, wan and feirah :D

muh babiess :D

see this girl next to me, i love her :) 

yaaaa itu dia wan, part-time minah :p

ze babes :D

muh precious lil thang :D

lovess <3

date : 14/11/11 
place : 1Borneo Sabah.

this is the day when im getting more rapat with zaza :D she's friendly though. :D and on that day i met Wan which is zaza's friend and now became 1 of us :D i really had fun that time :D