Thursday, December 1, 2011

lowong first day out :D

on our way to go home with zaza, annette, nia and wan :D

having tutti-fruiti with feirah, wan, zaza, annette and nia :D

danial, wan and zaza were talking and wan nak jadi minah2 sikit :p

annette having frozen yogurt :3

wan with nia. ehem, they just friend :D

hey, its us and we rock :p

nia with zaza, having donut :D

aint they look cuteee thang?? :D

on our way to go suria :D

yeahh i love to make that stupid face :D

hey im with zaza :D

nia, wan and feirah :D

muh babiess :D

see this girl next to me, i love her :) 

yaaaa itu dia wan, part-time minah :p

ze babes :D

muh precious lil thang :D

lovess <3

date : 14/11/11 
place : 1Borneo Sabah.

this is the day when im getting more rapat with zaza :D she's friendly though. :D and on that day i met Wan which is zaza's friend and now became 1 of us :D i really had fun that time :D

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