Thursday, December 1, 2011

17/11/11 > GC was in Sabah :D

as you guys know, ITS GREYSON CHANCE!! i was amayzed by his voice. he really had a guu-reatt voice. he's only fourteen and he got the amazing voice, cute face and the whole package. so, i went to the concert. it was a tiring night when standing in the crowd, people pushing everywhere, even there are some missing people in the crowd. seriously they need to find some bigger place to do a concert or a showcase like that. the place was so small. even i cant stand with the crowd people. i cant even breathe, imagine that. it was a little heartbreaking when annette wanted to go away from the concert cause she cant stand it, but its okay. so we went to find zaza and stay with her and some of the pra's. but then nia brought me to see GC in the middle of the concert and i can still see him singing at the stage. i can hear his voice so i was satisfied with that :) at least i really had good time with the love one :D 

i was with them the whole day :D

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