Thursday, December 1, 2011

i need kachings, i need job.

i am sooooo broke. i need money man. but first, im gonna need to find job first. but why is it sooo hard to find job? my dear parents, i've sufferred of what you suffered. all of my friend and myself have been searching for jobs all over KK. not really all over. haha. just from CP > Suria > 1B. i guess all the kids of the same age as mine had prepared before getting their jobs during school holidays. dayyuummm. next year, imma be the first 1 who send the job form. haha. so, for those who got the job, I NEED TIPS how to get job! seems like some people always said no to MUH face. -.-'  like seriously people, i need money like serious shit!

well, the picture said everything. oh well, not really :p im broke so im just gonna put a little hardwork on looking for jobs.

what happened to signs like these? jobs are hard to find these days. why no stores put signs like this? it will be more easier. oh i wish. 

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