Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nobody's perfect bhaaa

okay, today's entry which is the only entry for today or maybe for this week. i know im not so good at english and i admit it. well, i got read someone's article (not my followers) and im not gonna follow her EVER!. so, she was criticising (idc how to spell) other people but she didnt think that she was criticising herself. like example, she said that the model she saw was FAT and HAVE A BIG ARM. but, she was just the same as the model. she even said, HOW COULD THEY CHOOSE HER YANG SO FAT AND HAVE A BIG ARM. i was like what? are you talking about yourself? and when people being honest with her and told her that she is fat, SHE MAD (through her chatbox). she couldnt accept the fact that she just the same as the model she talked about. she talked bad things about people but she didnt realize that she was talking about herself too. thats just so dumb. i dont know why she did that. nobody's perfect okay? its god's creation and you have to accept what has god give ya'. dont think that you perfect enough so that you can bad talk about other people because you're not so perfect. mirror yourself first girl.

p/s : okay now im feelin like this year, i've been a bad girl. i could feel that this year, i've changed. idk if my friends realize that but, i've been so bad this year. its like not myself anymore. woah, beware! muahaha. seriously, im not proud with myself with my new attitude. :(

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