Saturday, April 23, 2011

how fast time passed by

dont you see? they both were growned up. awhhh i miss to see their cute faces during the 1st harry potter movie. the 1st picture was taken from the 1st movie, harry potter and the socerrer's stone. it was harry's 1st year in hogwards and 1st time he knew that he was a wizard. the picture shows when he met his new friend named, ron weasly :) ain't they cute?

so, the second picture was during the 2nd movie, harry potter and the chamber of secrets. it was harry's 2nd year in hogwards school. the picture shows during ron drive themselves to the hogward school using the enchanted car when they missed the train to go to the school. and also, they having trouble when the car stucked in the shrieking shack trees.

the 3rd picture was in the 3rd movie, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. it was harry's 3rd year where he finally discovered who's his godfather which is sirius black one of his father's bestfriends. the picture shows during they were in class, studying about the magic bowl and suddenly hermione appear to ask about The Grim to the teacher. 

the forth picture was in the 4rth movie, harry potter and the goblet of fire. as u guys know, it was harry's forth year. at the same time, there was a tournament called The Triwizard Tournament where they must survive in every 3 tasks given. the tournament was participated by fleur delacour, cedric diggory, victor krum and also harry potter. so, the picture was during all the other school going back.

the next picture was in the 5th movie, harry potter and the order of the phoenix. it was the year when harry created an army called the Dumbledore's army. harry, ron and hermione was the one who tought the members. so, the picture was taken during harry's class.

the next one was in harry potter and the half blood prince. see ron's body? pretty tough right? he is sooo hot there. haha. so, the picture was taken during ron told harry he was in ove with the new girl name Lavender.

so, the last one is in the last movie, harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1. the picture was taken during they were in the tent talking about hermione and why ron came back to harry potter after they fought each other. 

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