Thursday, May 19, 2011

the awkward momment how you treat boys

i hate it when talking with guys, when they getting used to it, they finally said the word. its like so awkward. i meant REALLY AWKWARD. it happened in my life many times. the most hated part is it ends with REJECTION. 
bestfriend  awkward → less talk → no stories → silence

 when it came to this, there will be no news from the guy. but deep in their heart, their trying to say hye or even post something on your wall (fb). they want to ask you hows your life, how are you or even they called you 'sombong'. they thought that maybe you hated them because the said the words. 
as for the guys, if you wanna say something to the girls, just say it. it doesn't meant if they reject you they will hate you like FOREVER.  

the picture below told me that, 

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