Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blast day before 1st mid-term exam :D / D:

today was such a great day. with all my babes except for them who can't attend today's event. sadsadsad >.<  early in the morning, i got no mood and felt such a pain in my ass. GAH! i stucked at Tmn Jumbo, have to reach CPS Bowl in 10 mins. i repeat 10MINUTES! imagine i had to find a bus, reached wawasan and walked all the way long until i reached cps in 10mins. i arrived 5 mins late. i havent tell why i came to cps aite? well, i came to cps because today i had Bowling Tournament Inter-students-teacher. it was such a tiring day. we played 3 games. but at last, we won 2nd place :) we lost 10 points from the 1st place. ITS 10POINTS ya' know -.- but, after that i had lots of lots of fun today with ze loves <3 we go karoks after bowling and most tiring thing is, FRIEND ANNETTE GO BUY HER THINGS. D: gahhh.. its been 3 hours or 4 hours *i think* annette brought me walked around cp and warisan just to find her things. but at last, she bought nothing. but, i dont care cause she is my friend and i would do anything to keep my friends happy. so, i went home at 6.30 and thanks to abg pesal for sending me home :) but his house is like a few metres from my house anyway so it doesnt count ;p bt still, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO BRIGHTEN UP MY DAY FROM BEING MOODY EARLY MORNING :) 

p/s: to shona, dilla, khalish, spety.. too bad you guys can't come. it'll be a blast day for all of us and complete with all of u. theres always a next time aite? we should do more outings together and have fun together. no worry, AFTER PMR ;)

ariey and am being annoying xD

teacher Hemi Asminda Yahya <3

annette :)

bebeh xD

the madus mads :) *current profpic xD

oh yeah, i havent tell what sucks bout today. i had gastric and i miss a few turns during bowling because of this gastric thing. gah! its all because of today's morning. im in hurry until i forgot about my breakfast and ended up with gastric-pain. i ate french-fries & popcorns, still hurt. until i had chicken porridge from mcD then i felt a little comfortable without any pain. it doesn't look like chicken porridge cause IT DOESN'T HAVE CHICKEN. but because of the gastric-pain, i just ate them. its kinda delicious thou. :)

after bowling, captured pictures with ze human full of loves :)

me and annette, mads forever :)

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