Friday, February 25, 2011

its just a miracle

hye, what im gonna say is, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! i can't believe that i achieved something that i thought impossible for me to achieve which is, I GOT 100% on my maths test paper. omge i just can say nothing else than OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT. i showed my mom and dad and i can see they were smiling while looking at my paper. im so happy that i could make my parents smile because of my unbelieveble achievement. but i think this marks will be the last 100&% full marks i will have. since, its hard to fight against other students in my class. oh i almost forget, i got 65% for my BM? pffftt! how can i be so dumb in my own homeland national language? but thank god it was only monthly test. my history also fVcked up :/ but even though it was only monthly test, i still feeling upset. because, it was monthly test and monthly tests suppose to be sooo easy and i cant believe it i can get SO-low marks on easy paper. -.- but, theres always a next time. i made decision that i want to buy all the last PMR questions and try to do more exercises to increase my marks.

so, this coming april, miss theresa soon said, there will be another test. arghhhhhhhhh!!

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