Friday, February 25, 2011

science form 3 chapter 4 :O

okay, this is the chapter that we will learn about reproduction. NO, im not gonna post about chapter 4. haha. what im gonna say is, starting this week, my science teacher already start to talk & teach about this chapter. when teacher said that we're going to start this chapter, the students were like "YAYYY" & "WOOOOO" & "WOHOOO" & "YESS YESS YESS". me and am were looking each other with smile. its not because we're in the chapter but because of the other students reaction. teacher zainah was a sporting woman and open minded. she also said "woah, this chapter is interesting. isnt it?" with smile on her face. haha. she also okay if we were talking about girl's problems. but, honestly, teacher zainah is the best :)

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