Saturday, February 26, 2011


im holding VALENCIA ORANGE. 

see the picture and yeah im holding a can drinks. i got it from lion Chin Chee Thau during leo meeting last night. it was the drink that we drank during last Leo Camp. it was nice. i love the drink. it is a sparkling juice drink. 50% real-juice ya'knw. woohoo. when i drink this, i remembered when we were in Leo Camp which is last leo camp held in Kiansom Retreat Centre. ngawhh~ i miss that momment when we were having fun there :( i wanna go to the camp again. its fun okay. when woke up in the morning and it was sooo cold. me and other stellarians woke up at 5am at the 2nd day and 4am at the last day. seriously, i miss all my leo friends that time. hope to see you guys soon during fellowship night :)

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