Sunday, March 27, 2011

free by anneliese & erica :)

All my life I've always wanted
To have one day just for me
Nothing to do and for once nowhere I need to be
With no lessons, lords, or lunches
Or to-do list in the way
No one to say when to eat or read or leave or stay
That would be the day

All my life I've always wanted
To have one day for myself
Not waking up with a pile of work on every shelf
With no hems in need of pressing
And no sleeves in disarray
No wedding gown with a thousand stitches to crochet
And no debt to pay

What would it be like to be

Free to try crazy things
Free from endless IOU's
Free to fly
Free to sing
And marry whom I choose

You would think that I'm so lucky
That I have so many things
I'm realizing that every present comes with strings

Though I know I have so little
My determination's strong
People will gather around the world to hear my song

Can I come along?

Now I fear I'll never be
Soon I will forever be

I close my eyes and feel myself fly a thousand miles away
I could take flight but would it be right
My conscience tells me stay

I'll remain forever royal
I'll repay my parent's debt
Duty means doing the things your heart may well regret

But I'll never stop believing
She can never stop my schemes
There's more to living than gloves and gowns and threads and seams
In my dreams
I'll be free


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  3. poppy dy : okay. thanks :)
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