Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leo's Fellowship night :)

on 19th March, the lions club of kk host & 7 leo clubs had a party called Leo's Fellowship night. the party was for all the ex-leos and leos. it was AWESHUME. we had dinner, some performance, fashion show. it was a great night EVER! haha. the performance was cool. but too bad, i didnt get the chance to see The Cumfreq performance from La Salle. :( bt nevermind. the fashion show was DOPE. credits to bridget from all saints. she done a great job :) when they do the fashion show, all the stellarians were shouting and singing like crazayy.. haha. its fun ya'knw. sooo, the last thing we do is, OPEN DANCE FLOOR BABY!! \m/ we dance like crazay with DJ SYAFIQ spin us songs and the dance floor was full of humans. haha, and oh, my feet was hurted because i dance with 5 inch heels :OO

p/s : i only get the chance to capture 2 photos. the others was with nia :)

 from left : annette, me, jillian, elena, crystal and myra :)
madu <3

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