Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prince William and Catherine Middleton

prince william and catherine middleton (kate)

ngawhh tmorrow will be their royal wedding day :) catherine was so lucky to have prince william as her future husband. so, they first met was in 2001. they were studying at the university of st. andrews. they enggaged was on 20th october 2010 and announced on 16th november 2010.

this will be their wedding place. god, that is so awesome. i wanna have my wedding there. hahaha. 

 aww, isnt it romantic how they met? when meeting at the university for the 1st time, looking at each other, hang out together, having a romantic dinner together, getting enggaged and GETTING MARRIED. aww, i wish i was in the same place as kate. she have a handsome, great, kind and highly education man to be her husband. my wish for them, hope they lived happyly ever after and have cute BABIES :D aww <3

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