Monday, April 25, 2011

public speaking for me is like !@#$%^&*(

i am the reserve for the public-speaking for my school. gosh, i cannot believe it cuhs i cant even stand longer on the stage because of stage-fright.  GAHH! but im lucky that im just a reserve. but the worst thing is, i hav to memorise cherish's speech in 2 days. aint that crazy? how come someone like ME, can memorize the entire speech? it is soooo long 2 pages. GAH! im so dead. hope cherish will present during the competition. oh yeah, did i tell you where the competition will be held? it will happen at sekolah menengah sains sabah or known as SMESH. there will be four of us who will attend the competition which is me, cherish, wena and teacher norlili :D well, hope cherish will do her best during the competition which is on wednesday :)

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