Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dance like its the last dance you have :)

im joining MSR this year. gah, need more practise. but sometimes, i miss practising with some of friends there. well, they are my friends too. since im the youngest among them, im the only one 15 y/o there. the rest are 16 y/o. pity me :( the 1st time practise was kinda AWKWARD! im the one who LESStalk among them. but after 3 months practise with them, im starting to know them better and starting to be more talkative and friendly with them. even they're older than me, they're friendly to me. i also get the chance to meet achap (our choreographer), hamzah (achap's friend) and many more who helped in our dance.

so, we were practising for MSR for a few weeks. we had lots of memories together. funny, sad momments. the sad thing when we practising is, we had to walk to the beach from our school. its like, kinda far and HOT! a week before audition at school, we had the chance to practise at school hall. that time, had more memories with them like when didie trying to do windmill, we warmed up together, made funny dance moves, didie dance with JB's baby song, gossiping, going to studio, practise till late night, sharing our stories, helping each other to get the right steps, having our lunch together at the beach, doin our hair.

but at the same time, we also have some problems during practising like when our PK know that achap went to our school, phoebe and didie almost went to see the principle, achap always came late during prctise made us dont have much time to practise, when we had not much time to finish our steps, some of us always playing during practise.

but still, all the good and bad time came with a perfect result which is, we're in the ,MSR competition. we got 2 weeks rest. then, PRACTISE, HERE WE COME!

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