Tuesday, May 10, 2011

form 6? :O

now, i've seen like many students from my school are taking form 6. so, they will be schooling at SM La Salle which is right next to my school. the thing which is what im trying to say here is, isn't it hard if taking form 6 classes? i always thought that being form 6 was so hard. but seems like ex-stellarian from my school are gonna be form 6 and schooling at La Salle. now, in my mind, taking form 6? boarding school? collegue? work? i guess im thinking that form 6 is hard enough, boarding school? hmmpp, im goin to miss my parents, friends and more. collegue? some said its not really good. work? gain money and LIVE. gahh, im still thinking. i know that some of my friends will choose between all the choices. but, how am i suppose to live if im hangin on with my friend's decision? seems like i can't make my own decision. but, i still have 1,2 years to think which way i would take :D

but the thing is, i want to be a successfull human in this world. *hoping*

when im success, i'll be like

p/s : my eyes are tired and trying not to close my eyes.

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